Maintenance record: New developments in modifying post-marriage agreements

The Illinois Appellate Court issued two notable maintenance decisions. One strictly enforces the parties’ agreement to not modify maintenance; the other allows flexibility for a disabled spouse to file a late petition for review. Both decisions favor the maintenance recipient and both are guided by the particular facts of each case. Maintenance is court-ordered financial…

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Proper evaluation: Deposition, delay undermine a custody assessment

This article discusses the recent case of In re Parentage of K.E., 2022 IL App (5th) 210236, involving a 604.10(b) evaluation, the need for a timely evaluation and cooperation of counsel in scheduling depositions. Without these things, a court order on parental responsibilities and parenting time could be reversed. A couple of critical issues in divorce…

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Easier standardized forms: ATJ’s family law commission improves important materials

In 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court created the Access to Justice (ATJ) Commission to promote equal access to the civil court system. First District Appellate Court Justice Mary K. Rochford is chair of the commission and works tirelessly with other justice partners and dozens of volunteers to ensure access to justice for all. The ATJ…

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